A Career In Health And Safety Management

It is the responsibility of the Health and Safety Manager to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the company’s premises. They are solely responsible for the implementation and ensuring that all the safety regulations are followed. For example, if a plant manufactures a hazardous material, then as a health and safety manager, they are responsible to ensure the safety of the workers by asking them to wear facemasks, goggles and protective clothing. If it is an office, then they are required to maintain safety by assuring that all desk drawers and file cabinets are closed, spills cleaned up and signs posted.

One of the major roles of the Health and Safety Manager is to schedule routine fire drills and also assure that each department designates a person to act as a monitor. They may also have to walk the floor regularly, to check for any violations and also to rectify any problems. The Health and Safety Manager is designated to handle the issues related to illness that may result due to unsafe working conditions. They are basically responsible for the implementation, application and maintenance of value, decision and risk management tools, procedures and techniques.


To undertake the role of a Health and Safety Manager, you have to acquire a college or university degree and gain several years of experience. Education is an ongoing process and must be upgraded, as new safety products enter the market regularly.

A Health and Safety professional’s responsibility is to ensure that all the fire extinguishers are in safe and working condition and that everyone knows how to find and use them. In many companies, the manager recruits new employees and also guides them with the instructions on conduct and about existing safety measures.

Job Prospects

You can also work as an Environmental Health and Safety manager in a manufacturing unit, where selection is based on education or internal promotion. The candidate would ideally need to have a degree in Industrial technology or a Business degree. But nowadays, as Environmental Degree programs have increased, candidates can find a job immediately after they complete their college education.

Protecting people, equipment and the environment is the primary motive of an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. They are called Ergonomists, Occupational Health and Safety Inspectors, Industrial Hygienists and Environmental Protection Officers. They assist the company in creating safer and unpolluted processes. These Health and Safety Specialists scrutinize the data collected by the technicians and then improve them to protect the workers and the equipment.

The primary duty of the Health and Safety professional is to safeguard the workers and the company against the common workplace hazards. Such as:

o Injury caused from biological and chemical agents

o Protection from accidents caused by heavy metals

o Electricity hazards