Health and Safety Jobs For Construction – Getting Hired

Among all of the lines of work available to you, construction is special in many ways. Only in construction can you actually be involved in the physical creation of a new building, bridge or other structure.

Of course, construction workers and managers need to work in a safe environment. Health and safety jobs for construction are of interest to people who have always enjoyed working in and around construction, but who also have an interest in keeping people out of harm’s way.

To get hired into a construction job involving health and safety, it helps to know what types of skills and certifications companies who are hiring right now are looking for in new candidates.

Here are some tips for getting hired for health and safety jobs for construction:

1. Education is a must: While working in an entry-level construction position often requires nothing more than a high school education, getting hired into health and safety jobs for construction usually requires having more substantial education under your belt. Majoring in engineering, construction management, occupational safety, industrial engineering, and environmental engineering are all excellent choices.

2. OSHA-certification is often a requirement: Even after you have a degree under your belt, it helps to be OSHA-certified in the OSHA 500. Also, applicants who have taken a 40-hour HAZWOPER course are highly sought-after.

3. It is all about prevention: Do not be surprised if in your first week after getting hired you are asked to put together an accident prevention program. Do some research on this in advance and impress your new employers with your job knowledge.

Follow these tips to increase your chances of getting hired into a health and safety job in construction.

Health and Safety Executive – How To Get There

There are hundreds of scenarios in which people become Health and Safety Executives. There are many life and work experiences, course and class certifications and college degrees that bring people to the title of H&S Executive. Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal.

Accept More Safety Responsibilities

At whatever job you currently have, take on more safety responsibilities. If you receive pay that is great, but even if you don’t receive extra pay, you should still try to get recognized for the responsibility. This is a great asset to anyone’s resume! It shows future employers that you care about safety of yourself and maybe more importantly others.

Continuing Education

There are numerous ways that someone can receive more education. Check your local technical centers, schools or colleges for workshops and classes on safety related issues. There are lots of online resources for continuing education as well. Getting the OSHA 10 or 30 hour safety training is an excellent way to begin.

College Education

For the most part, becoming a Health and Safety Executive will require holding a college degree or an Industrial Hygiene certification of some sort. There are just too many people competing for executive level positions for these jobs to be awarded to those with little education

Bottom Line

The bottom line to achieving a Health and Safety Executive job position is, work experience, knowledge and continuing education. Build your resume with whatever you can and you will work your way towards your goal of becoming an expert in the field of health and safety.