Avoid Slips Trips and Falls Through Health and Safety Training

It is always an unfortunate situation when someone gets seriously injured while on the job. One careless mistake and you can end up seriously injuring yourself which can prevent you from working. In order to prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace there are certain safety procedures that can be followed. These safety procedures can be shared with all of the workers of a company through regular healthy and safety training. Below are some of the issues covered to prevent slips, trips and falls in the work place. By conducting healthy and safety training your workers will be able to perform their daily tasks efficiently without worrying about injuries.

Be sure that workers are wearing the right kind of foot wear while on the job. Foot wear should allow you to have a firm grip on any surface and should be slip resistant. During health and Safety Training you should cover the different types of foot wear and the kind of surfaces they are ideal for. Most slips and accidents occur in the workplace when someone is not vigilant and paying attention. When cleaning and maintenance crews are mopping the floors it is important that you are extra careful while walking on wet surfaces. Wet surfaces are the easiest way to fall and hurt yourself. Many people miss the caution signs when a floor is slippery because they are carrying too many objects which are obstructing their view. Health and safety training encourages workers to carry only enough so that they can walk while still being aware of their surroundings. You should be able to see where you are walking while carrying objects so that you don’t trip.

While using the stairwell make sure you are holding on to the railing. If you suddenly trip your grip on the railing can save you from falling down the stairs. Stairwells and passage ways in the office should be clear of debris and obstacles. Entrance ways to the building should have carpeting so that people can dry their feet when their shoes are wet. Carpeting will help keep the floors dry and clean in order to prevent accidents. Carpeting used throughout the building should be firmly in place. Smaller pieces such as mats or rugs should be taped down to avoid someone tripping on them. If a worker sees a wet mess on the floor he should feel responsible to contact the cleaning crew right away or take care of the mess on his own. All of these tip can be enforced with intention of creating a risk free environment.

By putting up your hands and letting someone else take responsibility there is a greater chance that the mess will cause someone who is unaware to fall and get hurt. Safety training also underlines the importance of pushing bottom drawers of cabinets closed as soon as you are finished using them. If bottom drawers are left open they can be a hazard for people walking nearby. Now that you have understood the importance of safety training you can make sure to conduct training sessions regularly. All of the workers including cleaning and maintenance crews should be subjected to health and safety training. B